Monday, March 9, 2009

This Week's Featured Etsy Shop: Missy and Me

This week's featured Etsy Shop is Missy and Me. Ruby makes super cute felted items among o
many other things for her Etsy shop. Here is what Ruby has to say about herself and her shop:

While sitting in a doctors office waiting for my husband, I found an article about Etsy in a magazine. I spent 4 months just checking things out and lurking in the forums. I thought this could be the perfect answer to one of my problems. "Hi, my name is Ruby and I'm a crafting addict." I have always had a craftroom that rivals one of the crafting chain stores, my supplies alone could keep me busy for years, however, I was running out of friends and family to gift my items, I had boxes of finished crafts waiting for an appropriate occaision. Crafting was my peace and quiet, my joy and I was crafting just for fun and enjoyment.

Originally I started out selling jewelry and crocheted items, but then I found more, different crafts on Etsy that I just had to try....needle felting. I had never seen or heard of this interesting craft. Turning unspun, wool into animals, figures and art items, just by poking it with a very sharp, barbed 3" needle. I love it!! This has to be my very favorite craft, sometimes taking hours or even days to get just the look I want.

My main goal for Missy and Me is to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees my items. It may not be an item you want to purchase, but it should cause you to smile and to uplift your day just a tad. There is so much gloom and bad news drifting around these days, having "happy" items surrounding us everywhere, in the kitchen, by the computer or on your desk can only serve to to bring us up and into the sunshine.

Everything at Missy and Me is well made with supplies mostly purchased from other handcrafters on Etsy and shipped with love and good wishes. Each item is one of a kind, (with some items being similar) as there are no patterns and no molds.

I'm a stay at home Grandma doing daycare for my two grandsons. I have been drawing and crafting for 35+ years and I hope to continue for many, many more.

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NYCrochet said...

Ack, that penguin is so cute it makes me want to have baby penguins of my own!