Saturday, February 14, 2009

This Weeks Featured Etsy Shop - Luscious Lather

This weeks featured etsy shop is Luscious Lather. Diane mainly makes beautiful soaps, but also has a few other treasures in her shop as well. Here is what Diane has to say about herself and her products products:

We appreciate beauty and elegance and strive to provide our customers with exquisite products that are not only prepared with the highest quality ingredients, but are also lovely to behold.

Our beautiful soap designs, fabulous fragrances and of course, luscious lather will delight you, soothe you and create an extravagant bathing experience. Indulge yourself with sumptuous products designed and created to lavish and pamper your senses and your skin. Bathing is meant to be luxurious and serene, richly bestowing a feeling of well-being and calm. Our gentle products are made in small quantities to ensure freshness to you, our valued customer.

I have been making soaps and lotions for about 14 years now and just love it! It is such a creative passion for me. There is just something so appealing to me about stirring up a big bowl of soap and planning out the colors, fragrances and designs. I always have such fun!

I enjoy many other creative pursuits such as watercolors, pottery, writing, paper-making, cooking and baking. I also love reading, gardening and traveling.

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Peek A Boo Productions said...

Luscious Lather's soaps are absolutley devine! She isn't kidding when she says that they have wonderful fragrance and lots of lather! :) I LOVE her soaps! Be sure to check out her shop for more!