Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boon Catch Bowl and Bendable Fork and Spoon Review

Ok, here's the verdict, finally. Kelsey has finally tried both the Boon catch bowl and the bendable fork and spoon. Overall, they work great. I think the bendable fork and spoon would be better for younger babies (Kelsey is 16 months) because the heads on them are kind of small and don't hold much food, but other than that, the handles are chubby and easy to grip and I like the fact that you can bend the heads so the child can get the food into their mouths easier. We are more happy with the bowl than the utensils. The bowl works great. I usually angle the catch part to the area she is trying to scoop from, if that makes sense. That way when she scoops up the food, the food that doesn't make it onto the spoon goes onto the catch part and falls back into the bowl. Overall they are great products and we are happy with them.

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