Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Week's Featured Etsy Shop: Austin Artisan

This week's featured Etsy shop is Austin Artisan. She makes great coupon organizers in tons of fun designs. I love this because I am an organizing fanatic, a coupon clipper, and these look cute to top it all off.

Here is what she has to say about her shop:
1) How long have you been making your products?
I am a newbie and just began creating my coupon organizers a few months ago.

2) Are they sold anywhere other than Etsy?
No, for now I am an Etsy exclusive.. ha ha

3) What prompted you to start your shop? What's the background, the inspiration?
I love crafting and have always been involved with one art form or another. I am always looking for a creative outlet. My mother actually prompted me to open a shop. She is my #1 fan and had been encouraging me to sell on Etsy for some time now. I fell in love with wool felt awhile back and started out making small bags for family and friends. Then one day I took a good look at my coupon organizer and it was ugly to say the least. I made myself a new one and covered it in gorgeous wool blend felt. I thought, I might have something here. Inspiration is all around us, you just have to open your eyes AND your mind.

4) Is there something unique about your products vs. your competitors that you'd like readers to know?
My organizers are the perfect fit for your purse so you will always have it with you. That is the biggest problem with clipping coupons, you can't use them if you don't have them. I have seen these big oversized binders for coupons and I guess those are great if you keep it at home. I can't imagine lugging in a 30 lb. binder or box in a grocery store. Mine are a snap to find the coupon you need. I try to make lots of styles so whether you like flowers, birds or tattoos, I will have something just for you! I also do custom monograms for the extra personal touch. Those are great for gift giving (Mother's Day is coming up) or something special for yourself. I embroider and handstitch all my appliques directly on the covering so they hold up very well. I don't just glue them on. I don't take short cuts and I don't sell anything mama wouldn't be proud of.

5) Would you like readers to know anything about you personally?
I am a not so ordinary girl living a not so ordinary life. I will tell you that I am a wife and mother of two, which boggles my mind since my oldest is 12 years old and I feel like I'm just reaching my early twenties... Okay, maybe my mid twenties. This baffles me and I think I am on my way to a mid life crisis.

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